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May 31, 2013


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--> For each of the first 20 people to comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them. (don't link me to one, I'll go and snoop and find one I like <3

--> If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. Pemoo
mooooos by Pemoo
Oh gosh her character I'm so jealous on how amazingly well the colours go together ! I really love the darkish but still kind of faded colours, and the design is really really nice and original uvu

2. BlUE-Cl0UD
Sarina by BlUE-Cl0UD
Wow your character is really cute ! I love the colours and the little curly tail UvU

.::Sky Ref::. by RAlNBOWS
This is a pretty neat character uvu I love the little fluffy neck part it has and the wings <3

4. DarkSideOfTheWall
Wow omg this character is so simple but cute!! I REALLY LOVE THE SHIRT HES WEARING JUST SAYING...

5. Zephreon
Animal profile:Zephyr by Zephreon
Oh my gosh this character is also simple but extremely cute *v* !!

6. cedarwaxwing
Headstand by cedarwaxwing
Oh wow ok, first, I really really love the characters on this character, the colours go well together, and second of all the design is so simple but its really nice <3

.:Strawberry Lime:. Reference Sheet by SAVCHENK0
WOW !! I like this character a lot OvO !! It's like sparkly, but a nice sparkly <3 It just looks so exciting and colourful I love it !! The big ears and tail is so amazing UvU

8. Lithekitty1235
Adele Ref. by Lithekitty1235
Aaaa another simple yet adorable character ~ I really like the accessories

9. RickyFLXxX75
I like all the detail of this character, it's just nice and simple with a little bit of nice blue on it ~ I like her eyes ovo

10. Leboxes
Remake of characther by Leboxes
I really like this character actually ovo The little snakes that stick out of her are really cute ~

11. Sikula
The new gurrrrlllllll by Sikula
omg this character is really really cute ;o; The freaking heart on the butt ommgmggg SO CUUUUUTE

12. FishyFeeshy
Tarkun by FishyFeeshy
Aaaa this goat character is really adorable uvu he has such cool looking horns too eeee

13. Kimeters
Kimeters by Kimeters
Now this guy, this fucking guy is the hottest hot hot guy ever like wow this character has a mighty fine bod like wowowowow someone call a fire department hes on fiiiiiiiiiirrrreeeeeee. and you know his saliva if you know how his saliva works then wow man that stuff is pretty cool too imean cmon purplely saliva thats fucking great and fun to make out with wow goodjob you go but you know thats not the only awesome purple thing hes got if you know what i mean ; )))

14. oliviagirlify
Nickole Reference V.2 by oliviagirlify
Aaa this character uvu I really liked this character! Only three colours but she put them in a very nice design that goes together ~

15. Rainy-bleu
Rainy Reference Sheet by Rainy-bleu
Ok, this character, i LOVE this character ;o; ! She's just all these pretty pretty blues, and she has a nice simple design <3 And the little paws are really really cute uvu

16. Shlimaz

This character is very nice looking uvu ! I like how its just different shades of grey together, and how the eyes stand out makes it awesome uou

17. Scarcite
I changed her design ignore this by Scarcite
aaaa this character is so lovely ;o; !!! her little scare buddy is freaking adorable !! i love how shes a cat and has features that make her look like a ferret of some kind uvu

18. m-e-o-w-l-a-c-e

OK SO THIS- I love this- shes like adorable little cat with fluffy ear things uvu i really like the little blue in her ears too aa its cute

19. CyanideLemon
Yeeyeyey human character ! hes so adorable and simple, and i really like his hair !

20. HashSlingingSlushie
cassie ref by HashSlingingSlushie
bunny ferret omg cutie much!! i love the little hair sticking up aaa thats cute <3 and nice colours too uvu
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Pemoo Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
oh "but you know thats not the only awesome purple thing hes got if you know what i mean" MY " ; )))"GOD MOM
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